We were two coincidental strangers,
Stranded under the cover of a dusty manger.
A shy glance, two adverted looks later,
And you were smiling to yourself, your concerns abated.
Together our eyes watched the falling rain,
Wondering if reaching out would ease the soul’s pain.
The rain battered down harder with every passing moment,
As if the heavens themselves were seeking atonement.
Water dripped through the leaky ceiling, 
You flinched, bumped into me and I apologized, lying. 
For I would have held your hand if I could,
But you had an unchanging expression, like wood. 
When it seemed like this stop in time,
Would continue for eternity simply sublime,
You stiffened upright, rummaged through your bag,
Brought out an umbrella, bought during one of those fads.
Opening it from under the cover,
You danced into the rain like my ideal lover. 
So sad I was that this time was coming to an end,
That I barely noticed you come back to lend,
An umbrella with an outstretched hand.
With a smile I gladly accepted your demand. 
That I’d be the one to hold it up,
Whilst the rain poured down on half of me, the worst of luck.
From the manger we moved into a flood of rain,
Under an umbrella, a mobile timeless sanctuary again.