Life and Death hold equal stead,
If one’s hands were like scales instead.
As every action has its bane,
So too in death is Life tamed.
Living is by far, a much harder thing,
Than death where angels and demons sing.
It is a burden that we all must bear,
And yet one all would take when compared.
Bliss, Joy, Agony and Suffering,
Against eternal pitch black slumbering.
So if an angel or demon ever offers a second chance,
Take it gratefully and fight for another dance,
Since life is but a drawn out tango.
Cast aside your pride and ego,
For when the Reaper comes to relieve your burden,
You will not need them, of that it is certain.
Live as though there is naught that holds you back,
When the scythe falls upon your soul there will be no time for regret.