The reminder of what you did to me runs my heart through,
With a lance decorated by your crown jewels.
Your words radiated, shiny and glamorous,
Strung upon a weapon that considered my heart worthless.
You were cold, unforgiving and to the point,
Filled me with despair until tears were all that was left.
No doubt you had found something else, your old plaything spent.
True were the feelings I had for you,
And now you tell me “It’s nothing”, that I was too good for you.
“LIES!” I screamed, I was too blinded to see,
Too busy wishing that you would tell the truth to me.
“I’m sure” you said, chipper as hell,
No doubt you thought about it for a long time as well.
A slow realization dawned upon me,
That I would never see you again, if I was lucky maybe.
As the dam of tears began to break,
I noticed you were still on the line.
What false hope and dreams sprung up in me,
Thinking that you’d come running back.
But no, you barely said a word, and the drop,
Was far worse than I feared.
Down that pit of sobbing agony,
I asked you why and you only said sorry.
I couldn’t believe what tore us apart,
Did all that time mean nothing to you?
But you were stiffly in your response,
And then I knew I gave my heart for naught.
Still you stayed on listening to me sob,
And I let you hear it, the wall you held up,
Come crashing down at once with your idiotic thoughts.
Are you sick and just enjoyed it?
or did you hold on to assuage your guilt?
Regardless of the things you said,
I still wish you were here instead.
For the times we had I was truly happy.
For every time you called me yours,
For every moment your lips whispered hoarse,
The magic words said time and again,
A warm buzz shook me to my core.
This is the end, you wished me good luck,
Reminding me that this was the last time we’d part.
A fairytale? …Not really
P.S. You suck.