I was minding my own business, shaking my umbrella dry.
Looking from left to right, for the train that would take me on my way.
Then you came down from the escalator, a true angel from heaven.
The station turned into our own holiday island,
The cloudy days that seemed to fall with cursed rained cleared to blue skies.
You walked by me, and maybe even glanced,
Out of interest or distaste or perhaps nothing at all.
Standing a slight distance away, you clutch to your small umbrella and handbag,
The water dripping inches from your black heels.
Then you shook the moisture from your short dyed brown hair,
Gently from left to right.
I barely notice as the train pulls closer, not really sure of myself anymore.
As the doors approach to a stop, a smile comes across my face
Realizing that I could sit next to you, and chance a risk.
It quickly faded to nothing as the doors continued to move,
And there we were, two separate paths in front of us.
I was a coward, choosing to take the one right in front of my feet,
Rather than forage through oblivion to chase the path you treaded.
Regret flushed my face with the first step,
When the blood drained away I felt paler than your moonlit skin.
So here I am now, stuck in a thunderstruck state,
Wishing, no, Needing to see you again.