Love. Infatuation. Like. Limerence.
These words come to mind,
Describing emotions I feel for you.
To me, a beautifully crafted diamond,
Naturally formed is what you are.
Rough and unpolished I watch on,
Dazzled by the light that radiates so effortlessly.
But this light resting on my face so gently is not enough.
A fire, a desire, an urge, a need,
To grasp your crystalline beauty
In case it is just a fleeting dream.
To say the word hello and see the
Look of surprise on your face,
And then a smile of acquiescence
As you return the greeting.
Until then I remain lost,
Confused within my own
Thoughts, delusions, fairytales
Of whether your light is a reality
Or simply a cruel star of desire
That I pass by whilst aiming at the moon.