You smile at your friends
Eyes, mouth, ears and all
Amazingly convincing
So much so that none even think
Or fathom
Of the depths of anguish that swirl beneath your mask.
But without an audience
To watch you ever so carefully
For the first crack, the first frayed string
You set that mask aside
Resting it not more than an arm’s length away
Just in case you need to take it up again
At the shortest moment’s notice.
And then, without so much as
A word of warning
You being to confide to the air around you
Your trusted servant.
Because it has no mouth
To give away your secrets
But a mouth to tell you words of comfort
It has no eyes to judge your actions
But eyes to see all you have been through
It has no ears to exploit your weaknesses as you reveal them
But ears to merely listen
Nothing more
Nothing less
As your trusted servant
I stand here like the air
To hear
To see
To speak

To serve.