My mind is a playground
For both angels and demons
To wage war upon opposing thoughts.
In between all the bloodshed
The line that separated right and wrong
Blurred right into the cracks that swallowed the liquid of life.
Purely charitable ideas and actions
Became tainted with malice
And sulfurous thoughts
Were lined by silver rather than brimstone.
I can no longer act as I please
Not when I am unsure of my own thoughts
Worrying whether I do one thing
Whilst secretly wishing another would happen.
Demons take to the skies
With their archangel wings
As angels fight and flaunt
Their new found horns and whipped tails
And my mind is left in the wake of their aftermath.
What happened to the days
Where a good deed did not have to be cast
Under the veil of suspicion and ulterior motives.
As you sit there before me
In the complete silence of the enclosed car
Angels and demons fought once more
For the right to control my actions and my words
All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing
But not in this case.
Their stalemate prolonged the moment
And you left, taking the decision away from me.
I hug you goodbye, tell you that it will be fine
And gently pat your head for good measure.
Once you were gone, the swords
And the spears were laid to rest
Where angels and demons became one in my mind again.