We have but a brief moment in time
Amongst a night where others wined and dined
Where the music plays softly
And slowly.
I stand in front of you, bowed at the waist
One hand professed to you, my eyes urging to make haste
Warily, your supple fingers slide into my hand
With a nervous smile, “Not too fast” you demand.
Under the dance floor’s light we go
Your breath speeds up, you haven’t done this before that much I know
We take the first spin, as smooth as silk
Twirling back, you look uncertain, and gaze with guilt
As your heeled feed rest atop mine
But I cannot help but smile at a face so divine
We continue on like nothing happened
Only your face seems to get more and more reddened
The music comes to a graceful stop
Our hands, holding each other, immediately drop
And the moment is lost, lost to that time
If only the dj was a jukebox, I’d put in another dime
But alas, too late, the song is long gone
In a chance like this there is hardly time to mourn
You turn to walk off, feeling awkward amongst the rest
I clutch your wrist and turn you around, your head on my chest
“Would you like another dance?” I ask, already spinning around
“Are you sure? Because my feet seem to find yours more oft than the ground”
I nod, “It’s just practice” and we spin out under the starry night
Away from everyone’s sight
The music, still audible but only just
We have a sweet night of practice ahead, all to us.