We were like two leaves
Caught up within a storm
The winds far greater
Than we could perceive.
In Autumn we fell together
From different trees
Yet found each other
As blissful as could be.
Through the Autumn winds
We held each other’s hands
Bustled about, buoyant
Never coming to ground
Stuck on Cloud nine.
In Winter we huddled ourselves warm
Wrapped under a blanket of snow
A private, quiet place for us
An icy sanctuary
That held no warmth to anyone but us.
But alas Spring arrived
To pull us apart
We met once
Or twice
Then never more
For the seasons would not see us
Dance together at all.
We are in Summer now
Doomed here to die
You know
And I know
That it’s too late to try.
Through the breezy months
Through the icy cold
Through the blustering winds
Our vitality has long been consumed.
The heat of summer takes
What little life we have left.
As I’m lying here
Crinkled and rustled
Beyond fatigue
I keep on wondering
What if the seasons
Never changed.