This feeling I have little experience of
A heavy, crushing agony.
Anger and frustration burns in my limbs
My mind
My thoughts
But it is dulled by sadness, by futility
I am stuck here, the painful cold leaving me frozen
But the fire burns me from within
Hell’s gates scorches through my chest
And I am unable to lift a finger against it.
Rushing with the force of an unstoppable wave
It surges stronger every time
Leaving me battered and weakened with every strike
I fear it will not be long now
Until cracks become fractures, holes
And all I’ve worked to hold within me
Bursts out like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Confusion and Frustration are my two best friends
Keeping me company despite all else.
They sit on my shoulders
No room for angels
Whispering words into my ear
Sweet and sickly.
Hearing nothing else I obey
Acting as they see fit.
On a downwards spiral I go
Until my feet gently touch rock bottom.
A smile streaks across my face
As I am reborn
A maniacal Dr Hyde and Mr Jekyll again