Why is it that
Happiness is always chased
By the eager hearts and minds of men.
And yet pain is proof
That we have lived.
Is a life of happiness
Truly unfulfilling?
Should it be pain that we seek out instead?
For it gives us strength
It gives us a backbone
To stand tall in the face of adversity
And it burns memories
Into flesh forever.
There, within the depths of my heart,
Is a place where the light
Could not hope to reach.
And from within it’s lair
Darkness sneers yet again
Knowing that what little taste
It has employed within
Is nothing compared
To the calamity it could unleash.
My source of light, my god
Is long dead, disbelief and dislike
Hacking away at the base.
Without anything else
I turn to Darkness
“You are my light now” I confess
And it smiles back
Two rows of perfect white teeth
As if anticipating this moment
Embracing me with the arms
Of the one I long for.
It laughs with the laugh I yearn to hear
Knowing that it is now light
That could not hope to reach my heart.