A coiling, rolling
Undulating thing.
A beast that cannot be tamed,
Events that cannot be predicted.
Like a force of nature
Trying to stop it is fruitless.
Life will not fit in Pandora’s box
With it’s own curious hands
It will undo the seals
Meant to keep it under lock and key.
Who was I
To claim to know it all
To calculate and measure odds.
I believed myself prepared
Ready for the grip of icy thorns
Snaking around my limbs and torso
Rendering me unable to do as I wish.
I was so sure they would fade
Melt away leaving me with
Cold misty breath to remember it by.
Instead fire fell from the skies
As if it were rain during a monsoon
Whilst ice flooded like water where I stood
Imprisoning me in place, unable to run
As I burned and froze
Over and over again
Stuck in this tortuous limbo
Unable to see the light of dawn.
All because I wasn’t able to see the consequences
This game Life plays on me.