Frozen you were
But thawing now
The block of ice that once
Encased your body and mind
Now a puddle of water
Pooling at your feet.
There still remains
A thin layer
Unmelted by the
Single candle I hold to you
Everyday, unwaveringly.
Your touch is cold yet warm
Like the eternal burning branch
Locked away behind inches of ice.
It is addicting
A mind boggling thing
To know that with a single stroke
A flick of the wrist
You would have me
Mumbling and stuttering
Like a broken, talking toy.
Every day I grow increasingly
Comfortable; silence fills the gaps
That I would have before
Filled with chatter.
I simply smile wordlessly
Whilst I stare into your
Brown jeweled orbs
That stare right back at me
But occassionally,
Occasionally it felt like
You’d understand
Exactly what I was thinking
And your lips would curve
In the same fashion as my own.
You tell me to slow down
But I do not know how.
The ice will not reform
The bonds once forged
Never lost.
Instead I hold my candle close to me
Burning as the heat intensifies
Without licking at your ice
To soothe the raging fire it becomes.
Your light is captured
Within your frozen frame
Fracturing into hundred colors
As you dazzle me
Like a crystal ballerina.
I imagine your hands
To be unlike the cold stones
That they appear to be
A warm sensation
They would hold
Smooth as silk
And just as slippery
Where if I don’t hold it
Just right
Then it would slip through
The cracks between my fingers
For now I am content
To simply watch over your icy shell.
But sometimes I linger
Before leaving,
Left to wonder
What you would be like
Outside of your cold prison.
Holding hands
As our heads lean against one another
Against the setting sun.
I shut the door,
Leaving behind the imaginary
Waiting for it to become