It is a memory
I wish I could forever engrave
Into my mind
I think of it often
In the fear that
It slips away
A forgotten memory
“There is a gentle pressure
“Across both my legs
“My hands wrapped
“Around your waist
“And yours
“Resting on my shoulders
“An idea comes to mind
“A playful one
“I sit up, look you in the eye
“And ask ‘trust me’
“Without another word
“My hand moves to the small of your back
“The other interlocked with yours
“Like a ballerina
“Or the finale of a tango
“You leaned down
“Further and further
“Till you were almost flat
“And I, leaning over with you”
My memory slows here,
Choosing to take in
The little things
That could distract me from this point
The sunlight bounces off your midnight hair
Refracting like there is a golden halo
It cuts through the thin foliage
Constantly blown about by the wind
Strands of your hair fly about
But all of this
Lasts only but a brief moment
Before I am thrust back
In to a memory
That keeps on going
“Frozen in time,
“For only a moment we were
“Eyes once locked,
“Saw nothing else
“Words were said
“But no sound uttered
“From either of our lips
“I lean
“Further down
“And the world becomes a dark shell
“Leaving only touch, smell, taste and sound
“My hand burns in your back
“But it draws little attention
“Away from the feel of my lips
“against yours
“It only lasts a moment
“A moment and no more
“Yet it is all I need to
“Remember your taste
“Addicted to your lips
“A fragrance lingers
“Between us
“One so light
“Anyone else would miss it
“Our kiss is silent
“But my world
“Shouts it aloud
“Our lips part”
And once again
I am held
Transfixed by your gaze.