A hundred days of me and you,
A hundred days of love, its true.
A small, quiet, unremarkable milestone
It may seem.
But to me, it counts as a cherished testimony,
Of two people deciding to take a gamble
To believe,
To stand by,
To trust in each other.
We have had trying times,
When ears weren’t there to listen,
When arms weren’t there to catch,
When eyes were hurt and confused.
Yet we stand here now,
Past every fight and past every argument,
Closer with each lance of pain we’ve caused.
The hands of time spin around the clock
Becoming nothing but a blur
Upon the printed numbers
As minutes turn into hours and hours into days.
We will always complain of not having
Enough time
Because when our hands
Hold one anothers
Time seems to elude us
Unable to catch it
And grind it to a halt
Although we have one life to live,
With you it feels like I have lived
For different lifetimes.
As strangers
As Friends.
As a Butler and a Miss.
As boyfriend and girlfriend
As bears.
I do not know
Which life, time will take us to next
But I do know
That if anything
I will be glad
To be holding your hand
Over and over again
In the face of every sadness
Every tear stained face
Every happiness
And every smile.
We will hold each other tightly
Hurtling through lives
Time and again